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Brijj is a collaboration & workflow platform which gives Data & Insight teams the essential tools they need to deliver projects from question to outcome.

Reduce Frustrations, Increase Efficiency, Delight Stakeholders

Before Brijj

“You take requests via email. Record requirements on paper. Transfer to JIRA manually. Track work in spreadsheets. Manage dozens of disconnected threads to chat about projects. Store outputs on multiple systems. You rarely have the time to follow up once a project is delivered.”

After Brijj

“Your customers give you what you need first time. Requirements are organised. You’re effortlessly tracking the status of all your work. All communication is associated with every project. Everyone knows where to find every insight. Follow up is easy, automatic and never forgotten.”

Everything is better with Brijj.

Improve every step…

Brijj provides functionality which improves every step of the Insight generation process: Question, Requirements, Proposal, Delivery, Post Delivery Follow-up.

Request Submission & Management

“With Brijj, everyone easily makes requests, giving you a complete overview of all organisational need, while allowing you to seamlessly manage, track, and classify your teams work.”

Requirements Validation

“With Brijj, every requirement is recorded. You’ll record discussion against requirements for better engagement, validation and agreement of project scope before commencement.”

Stakeholder Engagement

“With Brijj, your teams and stakeholders work from a common platform, so everyone knows the status of work and how and where to engage reducing frustration.”

Deliverable & Insight Storage and Search

“With Brijj your stakeholders have one place to deliver, keep up to date, consume and feedback on the data they need. All with an extremely user-friendly interface, reducing avoidance and increasing satisfaction.”

Post Delivery Action & Outcome Assessment

“With Brijj you will be able to easily track and measure the quality & utility of every project. The platform automatically engages with and reminds your stakeholders to play their vital part in the process, freeing your teams to provide more value.”

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