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Brijj is a cloud-based collaboration & workflow tool which makes it easy to deliver better Data, Analytics and Insight projects.

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Lower Frustration, Higher Efficiency, Happier Stakeholders

Before Brijj

“You take requests via email. Record requirements on paper. Transfer to JIRA manually. Track work in spreadsheets. Manage dozens of disconnected threads to chat about projects. Store outputs on multiple systems. You rarely have the time to follow up once a project is delivered.”

After Brijj

“Your customers give you what you need first time. Requirements are organised. You’re effortlessly tracking the status of all your work. All communication is associated with every project. Everyone knows where to find every insight. Follow up is easy, automatic and never forgotten.”

Improve every step, reduce common causes of failure

Request Submission & Management

If you’re still taking requests through email or logging your work in spreadsheets, try Brijj.

Requirements Validation

If you’re still writing requirements on paper or find collaborating on them time consuming, try Brijj.

Stakeholder Engagement

If you have too many disconnected email and chat threads, or struggle to keep people engaged, try Brijj.

Deliverable & Insight Storage

If you’re still storing deliverables across multiple systems, if you’re not sure when similar work’s been done before, or your stakeholders don’t have quick access to organisational insights, try Brijj. 

Post Project Follow-up

If it takes too much time to track the actions and outcomes of your work, if it’s difficult to keep stakeholders engaged once you have delivered, or you need to prove your teams true value, try Brijj.

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