Functionality from Question to Outcome

A data, analytics or insight project is the journey a Data or Insight team takes from a question all the way to an outcome. Effective projects depend on the connection between technical teams and the business users who consume their outputs. Brijj provides functionality to manage, track and improve every step for both data creators and consumers all in one platform.

Do your customers make data requests in a simple structured way? Is it easy to assign work efficiently?



A question or need is identified 

Request Portal

Make it easy for your customers to ask questions with a centralised portal for all your data requests.

Best Practice Forms

Reduce frustration with guided, user-friendly forms for non-technical users to submit their requests.

Skill Profiles

Understand the strengths of your teams and distribute work easily with a record of each creator’s skills.

Do you easily gather, store & validate data requirements?  Do you divide work efficiently?


Proposed Model

A proposed data solution is agreed

Requirements Gathering Validation

Reduce scope creep by having your consumers & creators build requirements together, so they are agreed before work commences.

Granular Requirements Logging

Power your data strategy with a log of every requirement associated with every question, deliverable & outcome.

Do you maintain consistent collaboration & teamwork during the data project without burdening stakeholders?


The data solution is built and refined

Stakeholder chat

Drive work forward with creators & consumers chatting against individual requests, requirements, deliverables & outcomes.


Keep your existing methodologies working by moving work seamlessly between Brijj and the most popular PM platforms.

Is it easy for your customers to find the insights they need? Do you centralise and distribute your findings to the whole organisation?


The work is delivered

Insight Store*

Amaze stakeholders by serving deliverables faster with reduced rework with a centralised Insight Store.


Be the source of insight with every summarised finding associated against every deliverable.

Is it easy to consistently follow up? Do you always know what’s actually done with your insight work?


An organisational decision or action is taken


Recommend data-backed actions for your stakeholders faster with a log of every action & outcome conducted as a result of your work.

Output Quality

Prove your value and save time as consumers are automatically engaged for feedback on the quality of your teams work.

Do you always know if your insight work created positive change? Can you easily provide performance metrics on your own work?


A desired outcome is


Astonish your decision-makers by providing data, findings & recommendations faster with a record of data backed historical outcomes.

Output Utility Assessment

Build stronger teams and produce more valuable deliverables through feedback on the utility of your teams work.

Analytics on Analytics

Accelerate and prove the development of your capabilities by having access to data on the entire data landscape from question through to outcome.

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