A simple monthly price…

*Brijj is completely free until we are out of Early Access. This means each new sign up during this period will get at least 3 months of free usage.

Why Brijj?

Dedicated to Data, Analytics & Insight

Brijj is built from the ground up to serve the needs of insight professionals unlike other platforms like ‘Jira’, ‘Monday’ & ‘Asana’ which are bloated with functionality you don’t need, increasing complexity and cost that you ultimately bear. Every current feature and every feature to come is designed to make your data teams and stakeholders more effective.

Designed for your non-technical users

Some teams already use platforms like ‘Jira’ to manage parts of the insight process, however, platforms like these often work as a barrier to your consumers because they tend to be less “technical” than your data teams. Brijj is built from a “consumer first” perspective so that you derive the benefits of a robust system without building any barriers for your stakeholders.

Roll out to every member of your organisation

If you want a data-led culture you need the majority of your organisation to have access to your data teams. Because we reduce complexity this allows us to offer Brijj on a competitive “per 1000 user” basis. For example, an Analytics team hoping to use ‘Monday.com’ lowest plan for an organisation of 500 people would spend at least £42,000 a year to provide everyone with less complete functionality. Brijj is up to 80x more cost effective.

One platform to do it all

No need to use email or ‘SharePoint’ to gather requests hoping they don’t get missed. No need to manage in spreadsheets. No need to write requirements documents on paper or hope stakeholders add them to ‘Jira’ correctly. No need to move work to ‘Monday’. No need to keep stakeholders up to date through ‘Slack’ or ‘Teams’. No need to save files to system folders or upload to ‘Dropbox’. Use Brijj, do it all, easier, better, cheaper.

Brijj can replace multiple apps. 

See how our one price compares when you combine ZenDesk, Slack, Monday and DropBox to cover some of Brijj’s functionality:

Brijj is up to 860x more cost-effective

To replicate Brijj’s features in the stack above would cost you at least $43 per user plus days of onboarding, development & integration time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. During or after your 3 month free period, you can cancel at any time.

What is a "user"?

Anyone with access to Brijj. Users are either ‘Creators’, or ‘Consumers’ on Brijj. By Creators we mean anyone whose job it is to create data, analytics or insights and consumers are anyone who needs data, analytics or insights. With up to 1000 users on any plan, you can add all of your organisational stakeholders to start building better insights with Brijj today.

Is it really 1000 users for such a good price?

It is! One of the main value propositions of Brijj is that it enables Data, Analytics and Insight teams to keep their doors open to everyone without burdening them with extortionate costs. The more people who use Brijj, asking questions, discussing requirements, storing deliverables, evaluating outcomes the more useful Brijj becomes for you and the more likely you are to carry on this journey with us. That’s why we are priced so well.


Will I be charged once my free period is over?

No. We don’t ask for your payment details upfront, so you’ll only be charged when you’re ready. If you want to continue after your trial, we’ll ask for your payment details then, but if you don’t want to continue just cancel with the click of a button.

What if I need more than 1000 users or 1TB of storage?

We keep pricing simple. Cost simply mulitplies by the amount of users you have. Up to 1000 users or 1TB of storage, the low price above. Up to 2000 users or 2TB of storage? 2x the price above, Up to 3000 users or 3TB of storage…you get the picture!

How do I get started with the platform?

After you sign up you’ll be taken through some basic interactive training on the platform itself and have access to a plethora of self-service information to help you gain confidence. But the truth is, Brijj is extremely easy to use for both your technical teams and your more non-technical customers so we are confident you won’t need our help too much. But if you do, we are available via email, chat and even video call if you wish.

What if I need a little more time to try?

During the early access period, you get three months of free usage with zero commitment, plus discounts for a further nine months! The only thing we might ask from you is a quick chat every now and again to see how things are going, but even that is totally up to you.

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